Link a record with a not exact match value via Zapier

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Airtable gurus,
Not a native english speaker and already awake for 18hours so my explanation might be bad

My primary field is a concatenation of 3 fields…

Is there a way to use Zapier and link a record by only using that data has a partial match from any of the 3 concatenated Primary field? I mean when assigning a linked record manually, we can just type anything and if it matches the primary field, the record shows up right? Is there a way to replicate this via Zapier?

I tried but I get this error unless it’s an exact match image

I want to use Typeform as a customer registration form .

I have 2 tables, Customers and Addresses. I have to separate the Address table so i can assign multiple address to customers and be able to just choose a PRIMARY shipping address, similar to Amazon/shopify.

With the help of zapier, customers fills up the profile part of the form which goes to Customers table, and Shipping address goes to Address while it automatically link the customer to the address by either customer name, email address or account number if it matches any record.

I can easily fix the issue by changing the primary field of Customers to email address, BUT i would like to exhaust other options first because it’s easier for me to name the primary field with account number or client name first.

Thanks for reading

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