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4 - Data Explorer

For simplicity, let’s say I have an “Orders” table and a “Contacts” table. There’s a linked field on the Orders table with the customer’s email address. This is linked to the Contacts table, which creates a parallel linked field on the Contacts table that links back to orders. How can I create a secondary field on the Contacts table that only shows orders that meet a certain condition, but also links to these records?

I can’t do it with a lookup field, because it seems that once I add a condition to that, the items that populate in that field aren’t “live,” that is, you can’t get back to the target record, it’s just text separated via commas. I’ve tried changing the linked field on the Contacts table to limit selection to a view with the proper filters, but it ignores this entirely and still shows all orders.

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Welcome to the community, @Thomas_May1!

This would be an extremely welcome addition to Airtable, but unfortunately, it just isn’t a part of the product at this time. The only field that shows links is the linked records field, and there can’t be conditionals attached to that field. :frowning:

Perhaps you could add this suggestion to the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.