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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Everyone,

I have created a medicine reminder system, with columns “medicine”, “dosage” & “time”. i have created a filter by which it only shows entry for today’s dosage. Thus i want to send an email to patients reminding them about today’s dosage by using Zapier or Integromat.

I tried Integromat which has two trigger points,1. Created Time & 2. Last Modified Time, but in my base, i have made the schedule for the whole week & i am not making any new entry or changes in the base.

In zapier trigger points are 1. new record & 2. The new record in a view, same issue as in integromat as I am not creating any new entries.
Is there a way to automate this recurring data?( so that every day an email can be sent to a patient reminding him dosage of that day). Please help

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11 - Venus

Hi @sourav_kumar

When you set up a scenario with a Integromat, using Airtable module, you need to set up a field for either CREATED TIME or LAST MODIFIED TIME. It is a field that just works in the background, so you don’t need to do anything with it. You only need one of these fields created and I usually set it up as a last field, so that the scenario will work properly.

I have a scenario that I created in Integromat that sends me an email.

You would use the Gmail module and you would set it up similarly to this, depending on your scenario. I have placed my module right after Google Sheets module, but I don’t know what your scenario looks like, so if you could send screenshots, that would be great. If you can’t attach it here, just PM me to Mk.

I hope this helps.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to help.



Hi @M_k, thanks for your reply,

I have created a ‘CREATED TIME’ field but, it needs to be updated/changed in order to activate the integromat trigger. Same case with the ‘Last updated time’ field.

I have created a schedule for the entire week & won’t be editing or adding new records every day.

Hi @sourav_kumar

From my understanding, as long as you have the field filled in for Created Time, that is all you need.

If you could send me either screenshots or if you could write out your scenario, I might have a better idea of the situation, since there is also a trigger required for the scenario, not just for a module.


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks @M_k

My scenario is:

Sunday Medicine 1
Tuesday Medicine 2
Wednesday Medicine 3

Saturday Medicine 6

Now - what I want is on every Sunday, an email should go via integromat
Sunday Medicine 1, dosage, time

likewise for other days

Airtable display works well. If it is Sunday- it will show only sunday and filter out other days.
But when it comes to repeat emailing every day, somehow it is not working for me.
This is complete view
completet view.JPG

And filtered view below
filtered view.JPG

Hi @sourav_kumar

I did a quick scenario setup in Integromat, along with a test database. It might be something similar to this scenario. I will need a some more time to fine tune it for your use case, but it gives you a basic idea.



Thanks a lot @M_k
Take your time.

one more thing, please correct me if i am wrong, in integromat field value of ‘Created Time’ or ‘Last updated time’ field has to be changed/updated for triggering the action, right? And it won’t trigger if time remains constant in both the fields.

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @sourav_kumar

I have an Airtsble database and I don’t change all my records, all the time and the scenario seems to still work.

I think that as long as you have a field in Airtable and you map it in the Integromat module, it should work.


11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @sourav_kumar

I have come up with a working scenario that will allow you to send out daily emails. It will work with your database setup and filter you created.

I wanted to know if the daily reminders that you will be emailing, will they be gong to one email address or more. This way I can setup the scenario according to how many email recipients there are each day of the week.

This scenario will work, even if you do not change the records/modified time in Integromat.

Thank you,

Hi @M_k

For now, the email will be going to a single person only.

Thank you

Hi @sourav_kumar

Okay. I can also figure out how to send to multiple recipients.

In the meantime, if you are still interested, I can provide you with instructions on how to set up the scenario, step by step. I can do that in the next day or so.

Just let me know.



Sure, i would love to know the steps to this problem. You can share the same whenever you are ready.
Thank you so much!

Hi @sourav_kumar

I finished the scenario. I will attach screenshots below and hopefully it will be self explanatory. You will have to create a filter for each day of the week in Artable and depending on the day of the week you will select that day in your scenario. If you want to set up a schedule, to automatically sent out an email, let me know and I can help with that.

Screenshot #’s 1-4 are for module 1 and connection setup for the first two modules and how to trigger the scenario.
Screenshot #5 is module 2.
Screenshot #6 and #7 is module 3.


5E07AC8D-7DC1-4A2A-BFDA-C69888EFA67A.png 8474D86F-94E4-4642-A33D-96D9C4BEF3F5.jpeg 7B98B1FB-6D88-4053-A0BD-919D46EA95C7.jpeg
image|375x500 261A4245-82E6-4751-90CD-1F2ADCA76065.jpeg 660B000D-CEB3-4702-933F-AFE3D44E6185.jpeg D3802B76-5298-4D9D-BB54-278ED8D189FF.jpeg 55341C45-B1F0-4119-8B04-6B69C592948F.png !

Pardon my interruption, but I’d like to propose a much simpler alternative. Integromat scenarios don’t have to only be triggered by a CREATED TIME or LAST MODIFIED TIME field. You can also run a scenario on a specific schedule, like once a day, once every hour, etc. In this case, it looks like you’ve already got the critical piece in place to make a daily email happen: you have a formula that uniquely identifies the specific record that contains the necessary medicine info for “today” (whatever day it is). You don’t need the created/modified fields at all, just a two-module scenario in Integromat, and the proper scheduling setup.

In Integromat, you start the scenario with an Airtable “Search Records” module:


This is a slightly truncated view of the module setup, but the pieces showing are all you need: your base, table, and the formula:

Note="Have today"

That will return the single record marked by the {Note} formula in Airtable. From there, you add the Email module as the second step, setting it up as you desire to pull whatever other field data you want to construct the email.

To get this to run daily, click the clock symbol on the Airtable module and set it up as follows:


Obviously set the Time field to a time that makes sense for you, but that’s it. You’re done! With this running every day, it will pick up the marked record from Airtable and send the details via email.

Hi @M_k

Thank you so much for sharing. Much appreciated.

Hi @Justin_Barrett
I tried your solution as well & it’s working.
Thanks for your solution.