Re: Menu bar & grouping does not show on mobile What am I doing wrong?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have embedded a “grid view with grouping by date” into a page on my website. When I view it in a browser on my desktop it looks fine. But when I view it in a browser on my Android phone (mobile), the grouping does not show and there is no menu bar at the top of the grid view.
Menu Should be: Hidden Fields, Filter, Grouping, Sort, row height, print (this menu does not show on mobile) What am I doing wrong?

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I’m seeing the same thing on iOS. My guess is that Airtable detects the browser/platform when building the base for display, and automatically switches to the condensed card view on mobile. I selected the “View larger version” link in the lower-right corner, but that just takes the condensed card view full-screen on my iPhone. (I don’t have an iPad, but perhaps @M_k could take it for a spin and see how it looks.)

I’m guessing they did this because using the normal Airtable UI on a phone would be very difficult. It’s already squashing things a good bit by embedding it that small on your website, and it would be even more cumbersome to try to retain the full UI capabilities on a phone. I don’t think there’s any way to override this I’m afraid.

I was really hoping that it was something that I was doing wrong, but I guess not.

I have access to an iPad and tried the, safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on it.

1-Safari DID show the grouping and menu bar but would not scroll the records either horizontally or vertically in the window. Just frozen! Same problem in the full screen view.
2-the chrome & the MS Edge browsers, they both did not display the menu bar or grouping, just like on the iPhone and Android!

I also tried a Samsung Android tablet using both the Samsung browser and the Chrome browser. Both did not show the menu bar or grouping. Same problem.

So it seems like the embedded browse mode on a website is only working on a desktop computer.

This is a real pain, on both the phone and tablets! Not good! If you can think of any possible solutions or work arounds I would appreciate it.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It's been 3 years and this is still an issue. It's very frustrating not having the search function on mobile. Can we please do something about this Airtable?