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I’m about to bring on a couple of users for a base that I’ve developed for them. But I’m a little confused about how to manage this.

  1. I want these new users — let’s call them Ann and Ben — to have their own individual accounts. I want them to have to log in with separate passwords, so I can get the right values into the “Created By” and “Modified By” fields, and so that they can see each other as users when they’re writing targets ("@BenBenson", etc).
  2. If possible I would like to create the accounts for them, so that I can assign them passwords. (This is something I can do as a FileMaker developer. Is this even possible with Airtable? Is there any way to be sure that users have reasonably strong passwords protecting their accounts?)
  3. And I want to be responsible for paying for their accounts.

#1 and #3 are the more important things here.

I know how to share the base with them. I just don’t quite understand what happens after I send them an invite. Will they be asked for credit card? I don’t want that.


Another question. If their account is created on my credit card (if that’s possible), and I share the base I’ve created with them as editors, what sort of privileges will they have within their own new accounts? Will they be able to create a new base on their own? Will it be added to my workspace? Will they be able to share their new base with somebody else who will suddenly be a monthly charge on my credit card that I did not expect?


Final question: If in future I decide to set them free and ask them to shoulder the cost of their own accounts, how do I go about doing that? They will probably at that point both want to be paid for by a single account, say, Ann’s account. (She’s the office manager, pays the bills etc.)

Thanks in advance.


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Payments are at the workspace level, not the account level. Accounts are tied to email addresses.

Send Ann and Ben invites to your base using their email addresses. If they do not yet have Airtable accounts, they can create free accounts. They will not be asked for credit cards. Because the base is in your workspace, you will be charged for both Ann and Ben.

If you give them base-only access, they will have access to only that base. They will not be able to create new bases in your workspace, but they will be able to create new bases in their own free workspaces.

Unless you turn off the ability to add new collaborators, they will be able to add new collaborators to your base that you will have to pay for.

If you want to eventually make them independent, the base will need to be moved to their workspace. Someone will have to temporarily be a creator in both their and your workspace to move the base.

Thanks, Kuovonne. Very helpful.

Hi @WilliamPorterTech & @kuovonne,

First, that was a great way to explain all the info @kuovonne! Thank you.

Second, I’ve managed over 100 users in Airtable for the past couple of years and can vouch for what @kuovonne is saying.