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Re: Page Designer -> Create table with Lookup / Rollup

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Hi all!

I’ve been an avid Airtable user for the past two years. Overal it works very well and I’m running a few startup tools through this. As of recently I started from scratch to build an order / administration system for kitchens. The products are built up through four different tables, as following:


  1. Parts
  2. Combinations
  3. Kitchens
  4. Orders

Parts → All unique parts used within the kitchens. Includes SKU, description, prices, stock management.

Combinations → In order to put parts together in different quantities, this table combines those.
Product name, link to Parts (one per line), Quantity and other information.

Kitchens → Now in order to create one product consisting of all parts in the right quantities, I created this table to link to Combinations and make sure all combinations (part x quantity) are included. Furthermore I use Rollup to sum the prices etc.

Initially I thought that I could link Kitchens to Parts, however I struggle to include different quantities per Part. Therefor Combinations was added. For the rest so far so good. With Lookup I can see what parts are in a kitchen, with Rollup I can see the quantities.

Orders → Now to create a new customer order, I created another table and link it to Kitchens. I simply look for the Kitchen and add it to the order. All prices, customer info, etc work perfect.

Page Designer Issue
For the order picking, I would like to print an Invoice page with all parts, quantities and the pricing in a table. The customer also receives this Invoice and can double-check all parts have been received.
However I just cannot make it work. Within Kitchens I can make perfect pages of all parts, quantities and pricing. I want to work within Orders as well, but I cannot create the right table that allows me to include quantities too.

I have tried Lookup and Rollup to generate a table, but Airtable doesn’t allow this. To create a table I need to use the link to Kitchen (which is one product), and therefor the table has one row. That could be fine if somehow I can include the right quanitties, but the only option I have is inline. See below.

Desired result, I can easily generate this table from Kitchens


But instead:

Actual result within Orders, cannot create rows with parts and quantities


Anyone who can shed some light or has a way around this?

Thank you so much!

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I have created an Example Base to maybe show better what I mean.

Basically the same as mentioned above. Please help me show the parts and quantities on the invoice.

Bump. Emailed support as well.

I have updated the Example Base. I wish to use the Page Designer to make a Table of all parts and quantities in order to make a packing receipt. This to ensure the packer / delivery man is able to check all parts are complete.

Bump. Emailed support as well.

Hi HvK,
So, what was their advice about this? Anything worth sharing?
I and many others have read your use case, even though weren’t able to provide a solution — perhaps your request was a bit too broad to address through Q&A.