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4 - Data Explorer


I’d like to send emails to people in my list with for example their own name in it. Is that possible to do in Airtable?

Something like - Dear [FullName], … that turns into Dear Sarah,… in one mail and Dear Carl,… in the other based in the info in my databaze.

Thanks for any help!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Barbora_Juraskova ,

Yes, it is possible to send personalized emails to your contact list using automations.
Check out this short video to set up your bulk mailing.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Barbora, I’ve put something together here for you to check out that might help

And here’s a screenshot of how one might setup the automation so that it would include the person’s name and email:
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.28.16 PM

Note that there are limitations on who you can send emails to with the “Send an email” action based on your Airtable plan, so you might need to send emails via Gmail instead

Here’s a link to the relevant documentation and a screenshot of the relevant bit:

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.31.08 PM