Re: Should we just start submitting bug reports for every single new feature?

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It’s getting pretty insane with these new features being rolled out long enough to be excited about them then rolling them back. About to leave the platform and stop pushing it to clients over the BS Games. Really hope we get that great formula editor back some time soon. @Jordan_Scott1

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Sorry, just had to laugh a little at this one. It’s worthy of repeating.

Without question. Bugs like these can be found almost instantly by any user who you drag out of bed at 4:10 AM and force them to use these new features with one eye closed. If that’s the case, your QA team must be drunk or high when they deem a new release has measured up to “gold master” quality.

How many times must I suggest that significant changes warrant a simple switch that allows users to opt in for the latest “beta” behavior while sustaining the ability to run in legacy mode should users need to pull the rip cord.