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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all!

I have trouble wrapping my head around a database I’m building for a client.

The concerned DB is for equipment rentals and my problem is making clear what’s available at a given date for rental. In the Rental table, I have a field for the outing date and another for the return. When a new rental is made, we would need to enter specific in/out dates and see the equipment available for those dates.

Any idea on this?

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Hi @Claudia_Leduc,

This is not an easy thing to accomplish! I was able to build a booking system for a client, though, that allows one to check the availability of campgrounds even against future bookings.

I had to capture ALL of the dates in between the start and end date of every booking created for each campground with a ridiculously long and redundant formula. And then to actually check for available campgrounds, the attendant has to input the desired start and end dates into a table designed to query the bookings records for any that met the criteria.

I will PM you a an invite to view a copy of the base I made for this so you can poke around and see if you can make use of the system.

Hi @Jeremy_Oglesby,

Thank you for your help. Your solution is very inspiring though I don’t think I can use it because of the entering of all dates as I have several thousands of units for rental and those are available 365 d/year. I also would like to avoid having someone do Javascript for this as it might make it harder to maintain in the future…

I’m quite surprised that there isn’t an easy enough solution for this, thru a form per example.

I guess I would put it like this : there a way to do a conditional drop-down menu in a form?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @Claudia_Leduc laudia, did you find a solution for this?