Customer feedback app questions (SSO, embedding, voting, navigation)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m new to Airtable, and trying to understand the big picture of what it can and cannot do when it comes to app building.

We have a need to build an app that displays customer & internally submitted ideas, with a navigation (tree?) of Products & their categories to help filter results. I see we can allow non-paid users to submit ideas via a Form, see results as read only, and possibly interact with some additional Form / automation work arounds for things like voting and comments on other people’s ideas (hopefully without making it cumbersome to the user).

I’ve experimented with Interfaces a bit to review what kinds of elements are available, and am exploring templates.

Questions I still have:

  1. It is possible to have just an expandable tree of Products and their Categories in one element, that when selected filters a second list element? We would be starting with 30,000 records, and would need to filter down the view. The Record Picker element would be a good fallback, but I believe we would need to have a secondary picker that is dependent on the first, before finally displaying records.
  2. Can we restrict who fills out the Form, if we already have them logged in to a parent app which can authenticate via SSO to the airtable app, embedded or in iFrame?
  3. If we want unpaid users to be able to vote on an issue, any ideas on setting that up? My first thought is some kind of link to a form that is auto-filled, auto-submitted, and triggers automation, but it’s the limiting to one vote (and removing the vote) that I’m not sure about, unless we can record who is submitting the form.


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