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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone. I have some questions about airtable.

  1. Can I use typescript for automation script?
    If I define the type of value, it says “‘types’ can only be used in a .ts file.(8010)”.
    And I can use @ts-ignore for it.
  2. Is there any update or change for automation script?
    I’m using the input variables of automation.

const userIdOriginal = context.userId
It’s what I used for it but it has been broken from a few days ago.
It forced me to change it like so.
const userId = context[“userId”]
It’s really annoying me and I had to change all code.
I’d like to know what happened nowadays.

  1. Is there anything similar to serverless functions such as firebase cloud functions?
    For now, I’m using automation to track and trigger updates but it forces me to distribute codebase and rewrite the same or similar codes. It would boost my works.

Sorry for my poor knowledge and English.
Any help will be welcomed.


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You English is better than my millenial-bred and raised grand children. :winking_face:

I can’t answer all your questions, but @kuovonne is one of the most technical script language users in this community and I predict she will not be able to resist commentary to help you.

No. There should be, but it’s not there.

Sorry, but I haven’t seen any documentation saying that you can use TypeScript in automation scripts or scripting app. You can use TypeScript for a Custom app, but for scripts I think you are limited to vanilla JavaScript.

Thanks for your quick answers. It’s really helpful for me to make decision.

Hi, Kuovonne. Thanks for your help every time, really.
It’s a shame that Airtable doesn’t support such things and don’t clarify about somethings.

Indeed, I agree. But, we need to keep a reasonable perspective about this - Scripting in Airtable is about 6 months young; it’s still just a toddler in the life-span of most products.