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I am looking at how to get a summarized version of long text. I am looking at some tools and many have API and are free but I haven’t compared how good they really are because that would be too biased to share it here (my text would be different from anybody else so likely difference results.

If you summarize your text in Airtable - what do you use?

I am looking at couple of tools like

There is only one that I know of that integrates with Zapier. However, no integration with Integromat. I am paying Integromat already and not ready to stick more money for Zapier since all stuff I do is in Integromat anyways. Zapier too expensive for what it can offer me.

Here is the workflow with Zapier and MakeMySummary.

Anybody else uses anything else?

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I have used GPT-3 for AI processes that operate directly from Airtable events - e.g., someone adds some text to a long-text field; the automation detects the change, runs a script to re-summarize the content and updates the summary field. GPT-3 is probably overly capable for what you need. We use it to literally write original text about topics.

This approach using script automations is ideal because going around the barn and through the woods to accomplish tasks that are instantly possible through script has all sorts of drawbacks from security/privacy risks to costs and reliability. I get it - scripting costs too and this is a no-code platform.

@kuovonne Could probably help you streamline this process for a lot less than you might expect.

Thank you. Interesting. Since you mentioned original text, I realized something like this working would be also useful outside of Airtable, so I am going to look right now to see if I could use something like this using Integromat. I can have this thing now write essays for me without any effort and I just sit and relax.