Using Airtable for ad management?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Does anyone think it is possible to use Airtable to manage ads for a website?

I am running a small niche website that I would like to sell ad space for. As such, Google Adsense will not work for me because my website is not big enough, and it also runs under a subdomain.

Therefore, I figured I could use an "image carousel" for the ads.

But how would I display these ads from Airtable? Is it possible to automate? For example, if you paid for the ad, it will automatically appear in the ad space. If you have not paid, it will be taken down.

I figure people could fill out a form with their ad and add it to an airtable database and if it's paid/approved it can appear on the website.


Just trying to brainstorm, thanks!

Airtable Account: Free Plan
Records: 1,200/1,200 1000/1000 (I might have to find a different solution soon)
Automation Runs: ??/100
Extensions: 1/1 (TinyPNG Compression Script, looking for free alternatives)
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