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Adding day name to date field formatting

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Hi there,

When we create a date field, we’re allowed to choose from 5 different date formats.

It would be amazing if we also had the additional option to add the DAY NAME in front of the date.

So, in other words, our date field could be formatted to look like this:

Wed 5/22/19

I know that we can create another field called “Day Name” and create a formula to calculate the day name, but it would be much more convenient (and more user-friendly) if the day name was simply just another type of date formatting that could be directly applied to the date field itself.

(We’re coming to Airtable from the FileMaker world, and this is how FileMaker handles date fields — FileMaker can apply any type of formatting directly onto a date field, without requiring any additional fields nor additional formulas.)


9 - Sun
9 - Sun

That would be nice. I would have used it as I remember having to create a formula to create it.

I have to ask, what was it about FileMaker that made you come looking to Airtable? What did it lack?

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Good question!

I have been a FileMaker developer for 30 years, and FileMaker actually didn’t lack anything! It is a fully mature programming language & fully mature database platform that has now been around for almost 35 years itself! It can essentially do 100% of everything that my clients have ever needed it to do, and it is very very very advanced. Its flexibility & customizability & programmability is essentially unlimited… because it’s a full-blown programming language.

BUT — after 30 years of working in FileMaker, I was starting to get very bored. I’m a complete master at FileMaker, and it was no longer a challenge or fun anymore. I can do everything in FileMaker with my eyes closed. :winking_face:

So — switching over to Airtable (even though it is still in its infancy and can only do about 50% of what FileMaker can do) is exhilarating, exciting, fun, challenging, and wonderful! It’s so much fun & exciting to be on the ground floor of what is poised to become the next global database phenomenon!! I love that Airtable is completely cloud-based, it’s so quick & easy to use, and I love trying to figure out all the new challenges of trying to make Airtable do everything that my clients need! Some of the challenges are because I’m new to Airtable, but the vast majority of the challenges are simply because Airtable is so limited at the current moment! But — that’s where much of the fun comes in — how can we work around these challenges? :slightly_smiling_face: There is usually a workaround to be found for most challenges! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, it’s just refreshing to be involved with something brand new, after spending 30 years mastering the exact same thing year-after-year. :slightly_smiling_face: