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Airtable branding on charts, summary etc

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I know that his has been requested a number of times. I couldn’t find to +1, so I’m doing so here.

It’s so chintzy to have the AT logos on the summaries and charts I share. A big thing pushing me to explore other options.

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17 - Neptune
17 - Neptune

“Chintzy” is a good way to describe this.

Technology vendors - for the most part - falsely believe they have some sort of stake in your data or your solution. Most would say - well, upgrade to the paid tier to rid your content of our advertisements. Even this is inappropriate when it comes to sharing the data you own.

Brand-building through logos and repeated queues is fine, but when the vendor holds you hostage by attempting to inject their brand into every report, chart, or email message - that’s where the marketing strategy begins to backfire.

Businesses “hire” Airtable to do a job, and the better they do that job, the more likely they will be asked to do many more jobs. Reports and other shared assets using data that the customer owns - not Airtable - and presented in professional and compelling ways, will win new customers.

It would be far smarter if they dropped in a little tiny “How I Built This” info icon which linked to the solution-makers profile which also included info about Airtable, an affiliate link, a brief narrative about the solution. Displayed in the free tier, and optional paid tiers, I suspect many solution-makers would be happy to include this information all the time.