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Attachments - Image Upload Failure / Retrying / Caching & Multiple Image Uploads On iOS

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am a regular use of the AirTable iOS app, but have two requests / issues that I encounter on a daily basis.

I usually attach some attachments (images for the most part) to my records and about 50-60% of the time, the attachments fail to upload to the record (ie. due to some issues with AirTable server, mobile network connectivity, etc.–actually unknown as there are no logs, just silently fails from an user perspective). It would be awesome if the iOS app had some local caching / management and syncing functionality built into the attachments feature so my uploads don’t get lost on “failure”. Since there is no notification that the upload has failed and they are just dropped, I don’t usually notice that my attachments are missing until I review the record several days later and then I have to track down and mentally re-associate attachments with the record. To the iOS devs: a simple temporary fix would be to add some type of retry logic in the failure callback of the upload call.

Another issue I am having related to images is I will usually attach multiple images to a record. It would be awesome if I could select multiple images in the gallery. Otherwise, I have to upload images one by one, and if the image is “far down” the image gallery, I have to scroll all the way back down and find out which image I need to upload.

Anybody else having these issues with attachments and/or have a solution/workaround for the time being?