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Base Categories as a Native Base Attribute

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

High Value, Low Cost Feature.

I find myself categorizing each Base in a WorkSpace by Bustiness Process - Finance, HR, Sales, … This is not a one-to-one relationship, so Naming Conventions has its limits. The benefits of a customizable “tag” system or category could help with one of the most challenging parts of Base Organization, Template Identification, and Navigation- all of which are key components of the UI - in how I use Airtable.

Would appreciate any other ideas to build upon this simple concept!

In my mind - The next “phase” could be automated integrations into discoverable services of Types with predefined interface requirements. Predefined QoL, etc.

Eventually as the services abstract to less granular functions, - in the case of finance or HR - these departments could serve broad business needs through a standard “contract” required by the standardized, discoverable, automated interface. The best HR Bases for a common set of requirements wins that market segment of the industry. Doesn’t matter who, what matters to the business model of Airtable is the Number of Customers. Collaboration Encouraged.

Let that ecosystem incubate…

Airtable becomes the leading cloud ERP for SMB.