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Change Gantt view sort to Record Number (not Creation Date)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Feature Request: Gantt View sort by Record Number (not ID)
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In the Gantt view

  • When the start and end date are equal to the start and end date of another record, the records will be ordered by their creation date.
  • I would like the records to be sorted by Record Number when start/end dates are created equal.


Additional Notes

  • This will allow for the sorting of tasks to be organized manually from within the Grid view.
  • This is useful when one record (or task) needs to be completed before another record for project management purposes.
  • Tasks are always being created and updated and moved around.
  • All workarounds are very cumbersome to get tasks to fall in order.
  • My current workaround: Reorder tasks how I want them, Copy and paste all tasks into a new table in order for the Creation Date to be updated in the order that the records are in. All records now fall in order, but this is not practical.

Question to Airtable and Community

  • Is there a use case for having records in Gantt view be placed in order based on Creation Date rather than Record Number? I can’t think of one but I’m only using the Gantt view for project management. Maybe there’s another reason.

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16 - Uranus
16 - Uranus

A record’s “number” changes by View; it is arbitrary and variable depending on which View you’re looking at. Most Tables have more than one Grid-type View. Gantt Views don’t even have a record number (visible to the user).

I would instead recommend Airtable let you sort Gantt Views like any other view type without trying to connect each Gantt View’s record ordering to match the ordering of an extraneous Grid View.