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Continued improvements in array functions & other formula functions

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Hi there,

Please continue to invest in improving array functions (and other formula functions) within Airtable. The array functions are very limited right now in both scope & functionality.

This recent thread highlights a few of the problems with arrays (e.g. they don’t work on text fields, they don’t work on lookup fields, there is no array function for display values that are duplicated across 2 fields, 2 arrays can’t be used as multiple inputs for another array function, etc.), but doing a search in the forums for “array” reveals a ton of possible direction for the future of arrays.

(Similarly, it would be nice to see the other formula functions be improved upon as well.)

I’m hoping that the new Javascript block doesn’t mean that Airtable is going to push all future functions in that direction. That would really hurt people like myself who aren’t JavaScript experts — so I’d love to see Airtable continue investing in their own low-code/no-code backend formula/function code.

Thanks! 🙂