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Multi Table Form

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I suggest an usefull feature that will help a lot the forms for complicated table.

On any form view, the Submit button will offer an option “Link other table”

If my current table have field linked with other table, it will suggest one of those, then it will propose the list of forms views of the other tables.

When the form filler will clic submit, it will redirect his webpage to the other form & automaticly link the record.

Example of case scenario ;

  • CRM Base with these tables : Lead, Meetings
    In this scenario the Lead table will have a form view called “New Lead”. The first thing the form filler will see is “Enter you informations, name, address, business…”, then when he clic “Next”(The submit button), at this point he will be redirected to the “Book a meeting” form of the Meeting table then he will chose a meeting date and a brief description of what he want in this meeting. Then he will clic submit, and at this point the system will automaticly link the Lead record with the Meeting record.

In this form

  • Inventory Base with these tables ; Requests, Items
    To be able to request an item the form filler will go in the “Requets form” and fill the request (his name, employee number, reason why he need it, who is his supervisor…) then he will clic next where he will be redirected to “Add new Item Form” where he will insert the picture, the price, the name of the item, the quantity, etc… and then clic submit. At this point it will send all the informations in the table items & Request but not only the informations, it will also link the Request record with the “Item Request” field of “Items” Table.

Options :

  • It would be great to be able to do more than 2 forms in a row
  • It would be great to be able to insert multiple Submit so the form filler have multiple redirections choice
  • It would be great if we could do a conditional Submit