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Feature Request: header lock for milestones

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m using the Timeline and Gantt views for software product roadmaps. Milestones (very cool and simply items with just an end date) display as tick marks at the top. This is very nice. I use it to mark important major events or deadlines along the top of the calendar of work. I’m also doing some tricks to mark Program Increments (Time periods) as headings at the top.

I can force them to the top by making sure my group field has a category that sorts the milestones to the top. Easy trick. Works fine. The problem is when I scroll down to look at stuff, the milestones and PI periods scroll out of view. I want these them to lock (like a header) so they always display, regardless of how far I scroll down.

What comes to mind is the Excel “freeze row” feature

So, in general, I’m look for a way to plot major deadlines, milestones or events (including program increments) across the top of the timeline/gantt and have then always display, regardless of how far I scroll down.