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Form Date Fields

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Would be so nice to have some options in a form for dates. My dilemma tonight is I need a base that collects a record for each committee our employees serve on within our department, within our organization, and outside our organization.

The first annoyance for the forms end user is they will have to complete a new form for each committee they serve on. My wish is they could select their name and fill out the first form and submit and when they select the option to complete another form it would auto-populate the name field. This would be a nice service for them.

In this form I need to know the month and year they began serving on the committee and if then month year they terminated their service or if they are still presently serving on the committee.

Here are some screen shots that I took from another form (not Airtable) that collects membership data



Thank you for your consideration - very grateful for Airtable and their amazing team!