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FR: Unlimited DISABLED Automations!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I get it. You can only have 25 ACTIVE automations running in a base at any give time. But what about future development? What if you want to build a new automation to replace/improve/streamline an OLD automation?

Guess what? Once you hit that 25 limit, the “New Automation” button greys out completely – which sucks.

What if Airtable simply allowed you to only have 25 ACTIVE automations, but allowed you to create an unlimited number of INACTIVE automations?

That seems fair. And, it would be a great mechanism to help users improve their Automations.

Right now, it seems like Airtable hasn’t really thought through the whole “lifecycle” as to how their customers use/manage/retire/troubleshoot Automations – and it clearly shows.

Meanwhile, (formerly Integromat) would be more than happy to eat into this business further (which is a shame).