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Function field to be also Lookup field (idea similar to another already planned namely allow Lookup field to be Automation field)

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I have a function pulling records by merging text from 2 other fields. Then I want to use this merged field as lookup function. I can’t because Function field can’t be Lookup field at the same time. (Yes there is a work-around by manually copying from Function cell to a staging cell that will become Lookup cell. Too much work copying every time data changes in Function cell. That means copying 100 times per day.

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I have to correct myself… I can’t edit the post anymore. WHAT I meant to say is this "FUNCTION field to be also LINKED field ". So that:

<< Field 1>>
<< Field 2 >>
<< Field 3 is merged from Field 1 + Field 2 >>. This field links to same Field 3 in TABLE B.
I need to setup Lookup function in TABLE A to do a look up from TABLE B and show the Field 4 from TABLE B in TABLE A.

<<Field 3>>
<Field 4 is the information I want to get to TABLE A>>

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I discovered AUTOMATIONS (the new function in AirTable) seems to allow selecting the LINKED Field in my TABLE A as target for the Automation output.

Yay !!!
Isn’t this a possible solution to having the Field become both calculated based on a formula (Automation based) and link to another table at the same time?
Right now this is not possible but seems Automations allow to do that?

Need to check. If somebody has done it let me know.