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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
Status: New Ideas
What is the proposed idea/solution?

Use AI or such like to 'translate' questions that involve a Formula into instant solutions without having to learn/decipher the language of Formula.  For example, say I want a formula that will display from at least 5 fields:

Joe is coming to lunch at 2.21pm on 1 January 2023 which is in 4 days time.  


Instead of having to work out how to join the text, ensure that 2.21 doesn't need ROUND to be certain of 2 decimal places, and a formula for calculating the number of day from any given date, one would simply enter in a formula field:

Joe is coming to lunch at 2.21pm on 1 January 2023 which is in 4 days time

Behind-the-scenes AT would convert the question into the answer. the user wouldn't then have faff around with " and ( and, { etc ) " before being able to get on with whatever.

(Long ago I invented a method of counselling for resolving (permanently) deep-seated psychological and emotional problems in about an hour and a half. I worked on the principle that people generally want answers on a plate and that a therapist should not expect clients to have to do all the hard work merely because the therapist might have spent  months perhaps years of study to reach the stage at which the therapist's advice would be worth taking. I am not a therapist, at least not in the popular sense of the word but had I wanted to launch the method into a proper business rather than just something to do in my spare time I am told that the method could have put vast numbers of counsellors and psychotherapists out of business. With AT you have a superb product which would become excellent if instead of focussing on the superficial stuff more effort were put into transforming the hidden depths into simple to understand and equally easy to implement solutions.)




How does is solve the user problems?

The user would know that any question asked would be answered in a way that the user can understand.

How was this validated?

My experience transformed into an aopportunity for your business.