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Gantt View Groupings - Collapse All & Sort linked records

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Love the updates in transitioning from the Gantt block to the Gantt view. However, a couple things that would be really useful for us!

In the Gantt app we used to be able to arrange the gantt blocks so they either cascaded by start date or by end date. This seems to be gone?

Grid View has the option to “Collapse all Groups” or “Expand all Groups.” This would be really helpful for us in Gantt View as we have long development & production timelines. Having to collapse & expand all of our groupings individually is frustrating.

Additionally our gantt is in a tasks table & then we have a linked table for key beats/stages of our projects & associated info. However, when the Linked Record groups are collapsed, they aren’t in chronological order (defined in the Beats table) & the resulting gantt looks like a mess. I’ve tried a workaround by using a formula & script to add a numerical order to the Name of the record. It works somewhat but having those numbers in front isn’t the cleanest look.

It’d be great if we could sort Linked Records by another field (like a date) or have a sort function on Gantt view to sort the groups by other fields somehow.