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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello community/developers,

I’ll begin by saying I love this product. My colleagues love this product. We’re now beginning a journey to hopefully migrate our business away from Excel and into Airtable and I can’t wait to have our data in a cloud environment with an simple and easy to use API.

Unfortunately, this means that our flagship application (the venerable sales log) is being looked at by more eyes, from more angles and that means more views! Too many views if you ask me, but I am but a humble in-house developer.

I would love it I could somehow organise the views drop-down into logical categories or groups, to make browsing for the easier. I know there’s a search field (indeed, there’s a search field just about everywhere you could possibly want one) which is great for me, but some users prefer to see a finite set of options before them so they can find their way there.


tl;dr: I would like to organise the views drop-down into collapsible groups.