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Grouping & Colour Coding Columns

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
Status: New Ideas

Views are useful, but sometimes a view needs to have lots of information in it regardless to be useful. Side scrollling with dozens of columns can be unwieldy and difficult to navigate (especially as the user adds new columns in different views, and they automatically place them at the end of other views).

Colour coding and/or being able to group columns would seemingly be a simple to implement and very useful functionality. Grouping columns would be nice for tabbing between views and being able to move a bunch of columns at once (or unhide a column and have it snap to it's "group").

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

100% agree about all this. The lack of color coding has been the sole reason I've failed to get people to convert from Excel time and time again. People want the ability to highlight a specific cell, not necessarily build conditional logic to color code the entire record.

Additionally, the idea of grouping columns is great and I'd love to see that done too. I have so many bases where columns are always kept together in the same order so it'd be nice if I could drag them all around at once, or show/hide them simultaneously. As bases live and grow there can be unwieldy number of columns and a better organization for them would be great.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Grouping columns, like in Excel, would be such an enhancement to manage tables with lot of fields.

Especillay if you could collapse/uncollapse them to easily access info. and arrange fields.

Thanks for suggesting this