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Have Duration include an option for timecode

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4 - Data Explorer
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What is the proposed idea/solution?

For film production, we need the ability to sum durations that are 24 frames per second. 


With the current 00:00:00 format, it does not calculate accurately. 



How does is solve the user problems?

With the current duration formatting we can come close, but not be exact when summing TRT from multiple fields. A timecode format would allow accurate calculations. 


How was this validated?

Currently there's no way to tell AT that after 24 frames it's a new second.


Who is the target audience?

film production and editorial users



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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello @prodman 

I think the closest we can get right now is to use the format h:mm:ss.sss for the duration (this is the largest amount of decimal places Airtable can hold for a duration)

Then multiply by 24 to get the number of frames. 

You could then construct a cell that contains both the duration and the frames. In order to combine them, you will need to use a formula to convert the duration to a text format.


Please see this video here:



Formula to convert video length into duration text field 
IF({Video Length (s)}>3600,
    INT({Video Length (s)}/3600),
    IF(INT(MOD({Video Length (s)},3600)/60)<10,":0",":"),
    INT(MOD({Video Length (s)},3600)/60),
    IF( MOD(({Video Length (s)}),60)<10,":0",":"),
    MOD(({Video Length (s)}),60) ),
    INT(MOD({Video Length (s)},3600)/60),
    IF(MOD(({Video Length (s)}),60)<10,":0",":"),
    MOD(({Video Length (s)}),60)

Steven Da Silva

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