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Improved timeline utilisation summary

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
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Rather than having time against items spread evenly over X days, having another junction table that tracks time entries would be great. For example, I have a 10-hour task to do over 3 days and spend from 10am to 4pm working on it on the first day. This leaves 4 hours of work to do, which can then be spread over the next two days. Should I then do none of that work on day 2, all 4 hours of it would need to be done on the 3rd day.

Available hours

The available hours are powerful, but don't allow us to track half days or exclude certain types of time off, both of which are crucial to utilisation. Many people take half days but these would appear in the timeline view as either normal days or time off, leaving the user in a position where they have to know when people are off work. It'd be ideal to select a view in the "Time off" table to filter out people who are off sick, at a conference or have had their leave request rejected, for example.