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Iterator Field - Lookup formula

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Can we please implement an iterator field or a formula based on a same-field, different-record lookup?

There are some extremely elaborate base structures just to overcome the fact that Airtable currently does not support any type of iterative formula.

A simple example: I have two tables

  1. Projects Table
  2. Tasks Table

I assign records in the Tasks table to a project, lets say 3-50 tasks per project. Then each task is linked to the next and previous task (a pain in itself currently, but lets not worry about that here). I simply want to sort by task number in the sequence. This sounds easy, but currently isn’t!

If I could have a formula field that simply looked up the same field on a linked record and added 1, I would be golden! Unfortunately, instead I had to create 50 lookup fields to achieve an illusion of this capability limited to a maximum of 50 records.

Of course a circular reference might occur if someone linked the record to itself on accident, but if that could just throw an “error” I would be very happy 🙂