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Limit 'Linked Record' Selections to a Selected View's Field Settings

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10 - Mercury

While the ‘limit record selection to a view’ feature exists, it doesn’t solve my problems. It would, however, if field order and visibility were retained.


Linked Records currently display all of a record’s fields. And the order of those fields is determined by the top-most view in the view list for the linked record’s table. None of this amounts to a very customizable solution for bases that make use of multiple linked record columns for a particular table.

For example, here is a view:

2. Expected View Columns.png

In another table, I have a linked record column with ‘limit record selection to a view’ set to the above view. And yet, all of those hidden fields are visible:

3. Resulting View Columns.png


Instead of creating linked record columns, you can generate links to records - which can be associated with a given view. For example:

Table A
record_id (formula)

Table B
table_a_record_id (lookup)
table_a_record_link (formula)*

* table_a_record_link formula:” & {view ID} & “/“ & {table_a_record_id}

The ‘view ID’ can be copied from a given table view’s web address.

Problems with the Workaround

  1. It requires some tech knowledge to implement
  2. The link opens up in a new window
  3. Links are ugly
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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Lets say a record in Table 1 links to a record in Table 2.
You want to add a linked record in Table 1 and fill in the fields, which would populate in Table 2.
The view shown when adding Table 2’s record information via Table 1 - even when ‘limit selection to a view’ is enabled - is the top-most created view in the table. It is not the view selected as the limiting view.

Not sure if this is a bug fix or a feature request - but it would be great to have.


  1. Create a view that has only the fields you want to appear when adding linked record information via Table 1.
  2. Move that view to the top of the view list in Table 2.