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New Interface & User approach

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
Status: New Ideas

Airtable interfaces have totally changed the way we are able to work with our data. Working in the actual bases is becoming more and more an admisitrative task, designing and creating the data architecture as well as all processes working in the background (scripts, automations, extensions).

A new type of interface experience

This calls for a completely new powerful approach to how interfaces are organised and accessed. We would like end users to sign into their Airtable account and see something like a landing page of our company (workspace). There they are shown the interfaces they can access (permissions). Interfaces from all bases in that workspace. This landing page should have design features, so I can create this experience.

A new type of user level?

This also could call for a completely new category of users. People who exclusively work with data through interfaces and no longer have any contact with the base in the background. This user level could be divided into two groups:

  • People being able to work with data: create new records, edit data, etc.
  • People only viewing data

New pricing modell?

With this a whole new pricing modell could be considered. This modell would differentiate between admins, programmers, base editors and end users of which there would probably be more than the former.