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Option to lock Personal Views

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It would great if there was an option to lock either Collaborative or Personal Views. Right now the “Locked view” really only applies to collaboratives views. I have several views in my bases that I want to keep as Personal views but want to avoid accidently making changes, hence the need for a Locked option.

Perhaps the choices could be Collaborative or Personal, with the option to toggle Locked on/off. It could look something like this:

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I totally agree! That’s a great screenshot mockup, too! Just like you show in your screenshot, locked views shouldn’t be a 3rd type of view — locked views should just be an option to apply to any existing views.

I’m tagging @Jordan_Scott1 so she can submit this feature request internally. I know that some of the Airtable consultants were talking about this last week, so there seems to be healthy demand for this.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

The problem here is that the language choices and permissions model are all mixed up! The current settings (and the proposal above) intermingle two attributes that should be handled separately: Default Visibility and Editing while failing entirely to cover the third attribute – Access.

Current state:

  • Collaborative view: accessible, editable, and default visible to all base users.
  • Personal view: accessible to all users, editable only by its creator, optionally visible to other users.
  • Locked View: accessible to all users, editable only editors+, and default visible to all.

In other words, Personal Views flip default visibility and locked views flip editability. (But there’s no way to change access.)

Proposed alternative: Explicitly distinguish between these three attributes. Every view could have the following configuration options:

  • Access. Who can see this View? Choose from: Only Me, specific users/groups, specific roles, anyone
  • Edit. Who can edit view configuration?: Choose from: Only Me, specific users/groups, or specific roles, anyone
    – Switch: Warn before permitting edit. Default ON. [if ON, show “Warning message” text field]
  • Always Show in Sidebar.
    – Switch: Always in Mine [Default ON]
    – Switch: Always for everyone with access (ie, force a view into others’ sidebar) [Default OFF}

The Edit options would scope down based on Access. ie, can’t have someone who can edit but not access. The Warning option provides the “you sure?” functionality of the current Locked View without intermingling it with the permission to do so. The ability to force a view into someone else’s sidebar would be limited to Editor roles. And I can envision simplified Access/Edit options (ie, Only Me, Anyone, Custom) for ease of use purposes.

I like this approach because it lets admins define what views are effectively base-wide while also being able to default not show less commonly used views, lets non-admins share a view with admins (“Check out this cool thing I did, boss!”), and lets people create views that aren’t accessible to other users if they want.

Welcome additions/notes on this idea… @ScottWorld @Kate_Price

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@David_Solimini this. Replying to keep it alive.