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Option to remove View Form redirect Delay/message

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11 - Venus
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What is the proposed idea/solution?

At times, there comes a need to solve View Form and Silo'd base limitations by "chaining" two forms together (both from different Bases) with a redirect from the first form to the second. This is overly useful when data resides in two separate bases, but needs to be collected from both and placed into the final form of Base B. Useful for situations where Base Sync is not desirable (such as the Base Sync inflating the record numbers in the sync'd base to unacceptable numbers). 

Thankfully, by using the View Form re-direct, Form A can then load Form B. When Form B is finished, a script Automation can return the Form A record (from Base A)  and update the newly created Form B record (that resides in Base B). But... the redirect message that prompts the user to wait whilst between forms is confusing, the wait is annoying.

TLDR; I'd like to see an option to remove the View Form redirect wait and message, and allow a more seamless user experience upon Submitting Form A whilst redirecting them to Form B.

Those familiar with Microsoft Forms would know the concept of "Sections", and I'm hoping a Redirect option can be added to "mimic" each Form being a section.

How does is solve the user problems?

When the user finishes the first form, the redirect process confuses them as it loads the next form. I'd like to either hide the redirect message, or at least have full control over the message to indicate that Section 1 of 2 has been completed, as the next Form loads.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone using Airtable Form redirects that want to have control over the Redirect Message and the Redirect timeout.