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Performing a lookup on a linked record in the same table

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I like the fact that I can create links between records in the same table, however, it is not super useful beyond creating parent-child relationships for the org chart block.

It would be much better if it was possible to apply a lookup to one of these linked fields so that those relationships could be more useful. I understand that there’s a risk of creating circular logic, but that could be addressed by preventing the lookup of the fields that would cause that to happen.

A real world example of this is trying to create a website site map and using these lookup fields to determine what the permalinks would be for any page. There would be a field for the url slug, and then a formula that would create the permalinks based on the parent-child relationships. Right now, the only way in which this is possible is by having multiple tables, which basically violates the relational database rule that each table should contain the same type of object.