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Product Suggestion: Tab beyond the final field to wrap back to beginning of row

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

When doing a lot of data entry in grid view, we often want to create another new record as soon as we’re done typing in all the field information for our current record.

So the challenge is to quickly get back to the very first field again for our new record that we’re about to create. And ideally, without our hands ever leaving the keyboard.

Currently, we have to hit COMMAND + LEFT ARROW on our keyboards to jump us all the way back to the first field again.

This actually isn’t terrible, but it’s kind of unintuitive & a little bit of extra work for users to remember the keyboard shortcut and then execute on it.

Ideally, once we’re in the very last field for a record, we would simply hit the TAB key one more time on our keyboard to cycle back around to the first field again. Then, we’re immediately ready to create our new record (by hitting shift-return), and we can immediately start typing in the first field!

But currently, when we get to the last field, we can’t tab beyond the last field to wrap us back around to the first field again. When you try to tab beyond the last field, Airtable just stops you right there.

It would be awesome if we could just tab one more time to cycle back around to the first field again! 🙂


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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Oh, we just discovered this morning that COMMAND + LEFT ARROW also switches the user to the previous table to the left! This happens if you accidentally don’t have any cells selected when you type the COMMAND + LEFT ARROW keyboard shortcut.

So, because this keyboard shortcut actually does 2 different things in the system, I think that this is even more reason that we should be able to use the tab key to wrap back to the beginning of the row.

Because, if you’re not paying attention when you press COMMAND + LEFT ARROW and you don’t have any cells selected, you could accidentally switch to the previous table.

So I think tabbing through cells is just the cleanest, easiest, and safest option.