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Provide alert to warn of excessive Automations runs (e.g. limit 50%, 75%, 90% reached)

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Can you please provide an alert that will warn me (notification or email or both) if there is an excessive run of Automations.

Recently I had an error in my formula. Unfortunately that error caused an Automation to run constantly and it was running for hours, I don’t know how long but after a day or so I ran out of the 50,000 automations.

That was completely unnecessary and I would have stopped by fixing the formula (or pausing automation and then fixing formula).

Anyhow, I would say there should be a warning if I am reaching 50%, 75% and 90% of allocated automations.

I am not asking Airtable to kick me off the grid and disable those Automations completely, but rather warn me about the situation.

That would save resources on Airtable servers and prevent me running dry and then have to wait till the months is over to get replenished again. I know Airtable provides higher plan upgrade but I think in this case this is all just wasted electricity 😉

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

OK, I just have to add to this because this issue never ends, I guess.

Unrelated to what I mentioned in my first post… I came across another issue with excessive Automations running and no way of knowing it was happening (Very difficult to tell, unless I look into individual records to look for changes. But that’s nonsense, if having many records, right?)

In my base I have calculations to estimate the weight and costs depending on distance and size and services used etc…

I found out I had an error on the logic of the automation and formulas and it was causing the Automation to run in loops never ending.

So I calculated and what I came with is 12,441,600 times automation run unnecessary. That’s over 12 million times since last 12 monts or so. Now imagine there are 1000 users who have same issue and the automations would run 12 billion times unnecessary. If we assume every automation has number of calculations to make, that could be 100 billion operations. So a 2.8GHz machine would take it almost 2 minutes to crunch through these if it doesn’t do anything else. If I was waiting for that server to finish, I would get a cup of coffee in the meantime.

That’s excessive waste.

We need a way to see what’s happening with Automations, what is running currently and what is behaving unusually.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

second this. would like to be able to set up alert for 10%, 20% .... 90% too.

Is this a feature somewhere already?