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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I would love to be able to share a grid, kanban, calendar or gallery view where anybody could add a record even without an account.

This would be very helpful in teaching to collect lots of information and interact with students. When you share a form view people can only add one record at a time and they can’t see other records. Let’s say I share a calendar view where students could add a time for them to present their work, a grid view where they could easily add literature references or a kanban view where they could brainstorm new ideas and rearrange them.

I use Airtable with and it would be such a great way to interact with students doing class. So I would use this feature live with students to interact with them, but I would also do it when I needed to collect a lot of inputs from people I don’t work closely with. Perhaps embed an open feature request view on our website!

You can look at Padlet for inspiration. It’s a very loved and used tool in education.

So that “little” feature in Airtable could have a great impact on teaching!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I guess this is a great Idea, but in terms of Airtable’s view, they love having more users and this will keep people/eventual clients from signing up. What are your thoughts?

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

HI Alec!

Well, I work with educational development and blended learning in Higher Education. So my job is to work closely together with teachers on how to use technology in their teaching for different learning activities. We have a great experience with apps like Padlet, Mentimeter and Google Docs where students can interact without signup.

Teachers in higher education don’t necessarily spend so much time with students and often they do guest lectures. So to be able to use Airtable with students without having them to sign-up will help teachers implement it in their teaching. And we know from experience that the easier the setup the more likely the teachers are to use technology in teaching. And because our teachers are researchers they love the power of data. So formulas, views, and blocks would be very useful.

Perhaps this feature will keep some from signing up I guess but not teachers and not in higher education. They would love it. So from a business perspective, I would think it would be good for Airtable to do because it would place Airtable as powerful edtech tool.