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Referencing Records in text

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
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A capability that could be extremely relevant for many use cases (i.e., CRM, Project Management, and others) would be the record ID reference in enriched long-text.  

Golden does this in a very elegant way (see:, where the description of Microsoft is then linked to another record with structured data. 

I imagine a functionality in enriched text that allows you to mention in text for a different record in the same (or different) airtable base. 

A clear example is a reference call where you mention that during this reference call, the name of a different company popped up. So the text reads something like:

"During the call with a prospective client, the name of record_id:xyx came up. Additionally, record_id:zzy was highly recommended. ".

In this case, the record_id:xyx also tracks information on when it was mentioned independently. As well as record_id:zzy both linking to the same reference.