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Single and Multiple Selection Fields as number with descriptor

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am working with a client to move an existing database from MS Access to AirTable.
the initial phase requires data to be collected in air table, through URL forms, and exported back to access database.

Access represents selection menus as an index into the selection menu, so an integer.
AirTable Represents a selection as a Description, I think.

It would be useful for migration purposes to do the cheat that filemaker allows.
Filemaker does this in two steps by using a value list to populate the selection and
creates the value list from a database table where one field is defined as the value
that will be entered and a second, corresponding value will also be displayed.

The value stored in the database is only the initial value, but when it is displayed
the conjoined value: e.g. for index 1 description "Alberta"
Display “1 Alberta” store 1 when selected.

Not a great solution, but the problem of disjunction is enough to discourage the first steps
to moving to air table.

Thank you


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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

We store selections as unique IDs, which can then be transformed into access indices. You could manually put numbers onto the choice names (e.g. “1 Alberta”), but internally use the choice IDs to map to access index numbers.