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Storage Upgrade

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Increasing the number of automations in a base was awesome! They doubled, which saved me from having to find other solutions. I’m VERY thankful for that.

Increasing storage based on plan would be an incredible next step. The pricing structure versus what you get for storage has a huge disparity.

Free plans get two
Plus gets five
Pro gets twenty
And enterprise gets one thousand.

Pro is in need of a horsepower upgrade - we use Airtable enough to need enterprise, but its price is a cliff. I think the storage should be somewhere around this per base:

Free plans get two
Plus gets twenty
Pro gets fifty
And enterprise gets one thousand.

I’d take more, but that feels like an absolute minimum. I’d love a way to increase storage on a base, or at least have an option for 100gb or so that we would want so that we don’t have to think about storage or the logistics of hosting it elsewhere.

As a database, it is supposed to be our one source of truth. This makes it way easier having the media we need hosted here. A 20gb limit hamstrings that intention.

Sure, it’s solved with more bases, but that is annoying and confusing for the end user.