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Suggestion - Option for New Tables to appear far left

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello team,

I use Airtable extensively for projects, creating a new table within one master base for each project, typically several times a week, but I refer to old projects every now and then. As such, when I open a base, I need quicker access to the most recently created tables. It would be hugely valuable for me if there was an option within each base to have new tables created as the left-most tab, and/or to invert the ‘All-Tables’ (ctrl-j) list, as the alternatives are to drag each new table to the top (finicky, time consuming, and would not suit a shared table as it will be prone to user-error), or scroll to the right-most tab, or bottom of the All-Tables dropdown numerous times a day.

I will soon be getting help with my projects, and this issue will be compounded.

Keen to get a response and support on this!