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Suggestion: Updating records on a sorted criteria - highlight them only at first - do not make the record move and dance until I am done

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10 - Mercury

This is small suggestion for Airtable design.
When the records are sorted by a criteria and when the criteria in the field gets updated (and sorting is applied) the record already starts moving around. I find it’s a bit ennoying when I am still in the record trying to update addional fields.

My suggestion is to highlight the record as it is highlighted now (by orange glow, that’s fine), but do not make the record dance around like it is trying to evade me. Let me finish with the record, I may want to edit additional fields in the record.

When I take my cursor away from the record (when I click outside of the record), then sort the record.

It’s a small cosmetic change and I find it is more than enough when the record glows orange. No need to have it dance around. I am not suffering from dislexia, but I could imagine people who manage to deal with dislexia or similar conditions may feel claustrophobic when the records attempts to run away too quickly.

Maybe also adding a delay of 1 second would be great. So if I accidentially get out of that record, I can go quickly back and continue editing… Before the record disappears and I need to go fishing for it because it goes by the updated order.