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Table Navigation using keyboard (Home/End,PgUp/PgDn)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi fellow users,

I saw a similar request from 2017, but wanted to bring it back up since Airtable’s user base and functionality has grown since then. It would be really helpful to have the ability to navigate around a view (especially a grid) using the Page Up/Down and the Home/End keys when working in a large table. I would find this particularly useful for views sorted by date, where you may need to bounce back and forth between different months or weeks.

Anyone else feel they’d have use for this?

Table Navigation using keyboard (Home/End,PgUp/PgDn)

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

You can already do all of this now with keyboard shortcuts. From within your Airtable base, click on the little “Help” icon in the upper right corner of your window and choose “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

That will give you a list of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use on your computer.

You can jump all the way to the top of the base, all the way to the bottom of the base, or just jump one page at a time (up or down).

Hope this helps! If this answers your question, could you please mark this comment as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question. :slightly_smiling_face: