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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I work for a small non-profit and one of our programs is a homesharing effort. We try to match people with a spare room to rent with people who are looking to rent a room. I was hired about one year ago to "bring us into the 21st century." They had been tracking everything in Google Sheets and Forms and it was a mess.

At first, we contemplated purchasing subscriptions to several types of data management companies, including something like, a separate database for finances, another one for client/property management, and CRM. We got a tour of another homesharing group using and the man who was leading the tour suggested that if he had it to do over again, he would just build his own using AirTable. I had never heard of AT at that point. But as soon as I began to explore it, I knew we'd be using AT for all of those things. 

In the last year, with a bit of paid help, I've built a base for our homeshare program, one for all of our contacts (that also handles payroll), and one for our finances (still working on that one). It turns out that someone in the organization had looked into AT before I was hired and started a grant tracking base as well, which I will eventually get to.

We are literally saving thousands of dollars using AT and I've already shared a template of our homesharing base with another homesharing group. It got a bit complex and I did have to hire some outside help, but it's still way cheaper overall.

We can now easily visualize all the important metrics for our grant reporting, and internal effectiveness evaluations. 

Let me know if you do a homeshare program and I'd be happy to give you a tour of our database and interfaces!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@vdeikhof absolutely love this story, thanks for sharing with the Community!

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

You may want to connect with @Hannah_Wiginton and @openside to see if you can present your solution on the BuiltOnAir podcast!

— ScottWorld, Expert Airtable Consultant