Airtable + ChatGPT = Innovative AI Usage! We made iOS Shortcuts to Integrate them

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We're long user of Airtable, but the iOS application has long loading time, also there is no direct integration between Airtable and ChatGPT.

To miss that gap, we made several iOS shortcuts.

  • Save ChatGPT Answer to Airtable - Just start speaking out your question to the ChatGPT, our Shortcuts will send it to ChatGPT, and save both your question and GPT response to the Airtable. You can use it to ask GPT writing long marketing content and all of them will be saved into your base for post-process!
  • Save AI Audio Notes – Our Shortcut will firstly transcribe your audio input, then post-process it with ChatGPT to let AI sort them into a well-formatted notes, both the note and original audio file will be saved to Airtable for your usage. You can use it to capture quick idea, meeting notes, etc.

Every function in the demo works 100% well, and there is no any privacy issues. If you're eager to start using these shortcuts, please view our site to get them, thanks!


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