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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey ATCF Community!

If you want to securely connect your entire database / warehouse from Airtable, we built Bracket for exactly that (! With Bracket, any change in your backend data will be reflected in Airtable, and any change in Airtable will be reflected in your database (e.g. Postgres, Mongo, Snowflake) – or you can sync data in one direction

Why did we build this? Because Airtable made databases accessible to non-technical people, but it can’t function as a true backend to a company. With Bracket, you can turn Airtable into a UI for your database to get the scalability of a database with the amazing user experience that Airtable offers.

See how it works here

p.s. If you know SQL, you can even set up SQL statement logic between the database and Airtable (joins, filters, you name it) and still sync both ways.

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