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Create an app from your Airtable data

 Exciting news from Softr! Now, you can connect your Airtable data to instantly generate a ready-to-customizable app. Just link your data, choose the relevant app pages! Your customized app is ready to go in seconds.How it works:Step 1: Connect your ...

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Airtable Database Structuring

Background information: We are a 25 person medical clinic. We are using Airtable to manage the business operations which consist of a medical team, health coaching team, marketing team, operations/sales team, and eventually a bigger technology team.A...

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Airtable + N8N + AI integration = Blog Generating APP

Recently I tried out a few experiments using AI to do SEO analysis on competitor websites and formulate a strategy that can be used to beat them. This performed really well for most internal SEO teams as they got new and insightful strategies based o...

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How to stop filter from autopopulating fields

Hi everyone, I have an issue that randomly just started... Happening.Specifically, I use AT as a task manager for my team. Each team member's personal view is filtered like this:"{Owner is [name X]}OR{Status is Ready for QAAND QA is [name X]}"Both "O...

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The Sort Stack task management base has gotten several updates!

Hello, all,Sort Stack, your prioritizing first mate, is a task management base that I released a little under a year ago. Since that initial launch, I've added several features to the base, a few of which I'd like to highlight below.Due to the somewh...

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How to Enrich Airtable Leads with Versium's Identity Graph

Hi everyone!I recently created a step-by-step tutorial for building an Airtable extension that enriches leads with information from Versium's identity graph.The extension lets users:Add and save Versium API keysSet up the Airtable table and view for ...

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Pro Backup 2.0 launched for Airtable

Hello Airtable community, 3 years ago we published the first version of Pro Backup for Airtable (see original post). Since a lot has changed since our launch I thought I'd give on update and tell what has been improved in the last year. What has been...

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AirTable for Small Non-profit, Including a Homesharing Program

I work for a small non-profit and one of our programs is a homesharing effort. We try to match people with a spare room to rent with people who are looking to rent a room. I was hired about one year ago to "bring us into the 21st century." They had b...

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Record List view selection on Interfaces

Hello,A few weeks ago, I created an interface by a layout where I could display all my datasets from Table (1) as a Record List on the left side. On the right side, I could flexibly arrange the data from the table as well as insert data from another ...

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