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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Yup, you just need to create a calendar view, share the calendar, copy the ical

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and then suscribe to this calendar with mac calendar, outlook calendar or google calendar.


On the local calendar you can add “1 minute before” reminders. Working amazing for me and i can do “time blocking” with that :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

REMEMBER! You need to add start and end time to every task.

I fucking loooooove airtable, can anybody send me some stickers here? i need to share the love (and take out the trello)


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks so much!!!

I only discovered the “download iCal” link before.
but only your way of “subscribe” can make the calendar alive.

I did not set up the time, so all items show up on the top of google calendar. (which is what I wanted)

wow :slightly_smiling_face: show me some of your calendar here! i wanna see how it looks without time

i add some images to the post


Items without time will show on the top

Omg! Items in Chinese :scream: and mine in Spanish! I love how teams around the world use this, I’m in love

:slightly_smiling_face: very cleaver solution, you can drag the items from there and put them anywhere you want

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yes I love airtable. It is very powerful and the API is use to use.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Nice. I hadn’t thought of using this for time blocking which is something I want to try as my schedule is horrendous.



5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks, this was really useful. I wanted this feature, and I didn’t know it already existed!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It works great… if you don’t need to update the calendar. At least when I tried, it was only a one-time transfer.

On iCal you can select “update every 5 minutes”, in google you can do the same on the old version, change your view to the old version and go to the calendar configuration

I think windows have the same function